“Honest, witty, wise, raw, hysterical, heartwarming, heartbreaking… and hard to put down.”

             Michael J. Chase, Bestselling Author and Founder of The Kindness Center

Maybe you’ve recently puked up some ayahuasca in a Laurel Canyon VRBO, or dropped a half-hit of LSD at a tech-sponsored Burning Man camp, in an accelerated search for some sort of life-affirming wisdom you can’t quite grasp.

You want wellness, clarity, and purpose.

I get it, kind of.

I’ve written three books under another name, all published by a very well-known company that ‘specializes’ in those things. I’ve garnered critical praise from Huffington Post (important, enlightening, and ultimately inspiring), Deepak Chopra (a beautiful tribute to the resilience of the human spirit), the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer (an inspiring, thought-provoking, and life-changing work… one of the greatest writers I’ve ever discovered), Ellen Degeneres (I. love. this), and Billboard Magazine (one of the year’s most touching, unique releases).

And now I’m back in the ring with ‘Manifesting is for Pussies,’ which plays off its skeptical title and hopefully into the hearts of readers searching for a modern-day “Catcher in the Rye.” Delivered with vulnerability (and the occasional f-bomb), the stories in this book really happened to me.

Told through the eyes of a struggling singer-songwriter (that’s me) caught between his 1980s childhood and today’s comparative-happiness landscape, I wrote this collection of vignettes to reveal truths about relationships, family, society and career often buried beneath curated social media posts… truths that once acknowledged, can shine an empowering light on your own transformative journey toward joy, gratitude, and connection.